Lesson X – The End is Nigh!

Grade: 9-12 (Elective course)
Duration: 54 minutes
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will…

  • Offer feedback to peers about their first drafts.
  • Receive feedback from peers about their first drafts.
  • Examine the ways in which Frankenstein and Blade Runner do and do not fit within the parameters of their respective genres.
  • Begin refining initial responses so as to craft more polished final products.
  • Reevaluate their own approaches to employing categories (i.e., genres) as means of identification, considering the ways in which trying to determine category can lead one astray.


  • Blade Runner DVD/Blu-ray (for review/reference)
  • Copies of Frankenstein (for review/reference)
  • Devices (laptops/tablets) for writing
  • Blade Runner/Frankenstein Comparative Analysis Assignment
  • Peer-Editing Handout [Click here to access!]
  • Projector


  • Students will be given to peer edit multiple times throughout the course of this class.
  • In preparation, each student will be given three Peer-Editing Guides.
    • These guides assist students in offering their peers constructive criticism.
    • The goal is for the students to each read three of their peers’ papers and have their papers read by three peers.
      • Editing Protocol:
        • Students will pair up, exchange papers, and inform their editors about potential problem areas.
        • I will time out ten minutes for the reading/editing session.
        • At the end of these ten minutes, I will give the students an additional five minutes to discuss their findings and deliver the Peer-Editing Guides to the authors at hand.
          • This process will be repeated two more times!
  • After each group has been given the opportunity to map out their findings on their chart paper, they will report to the rest of the class.
  • Class will conclude with a debriefing of this peer-editing process.
    • One potential strategy will be to have students share aspects of their own writing that they had completely overlooked until this lesson’s editing sessions!
  • Lastly, any anxieties/questions/concerns/ideas regarding the comparative analysis assignment will be addressed before dismissal.


  • Complete the final draft of the comparative analysis!

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