Lesson 6 – Running with Blades

Grade: 9-12 (Elective course)
Duration: 54 minutes
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will…

  • Examine the impact of shifting narrative voice.
  • Continue to examine Blade Runner s a work of dystopian fiction.
  • Read and respond to a passage written by media theorist Scott Bukatman.
  • Contemplate the nature of empathy and the implications of its appearance at unexpected moments.
    • Guiding questions:”In what ways does empathizing with the Creature problematize an analysis of Frankenstein? In what ways does empathizing with the replicants problematize an analysis of Blade Runner? Considering the Creature and Roy Batty, what qualities evoke empathy from us?”



  • Students will begin class by responding to a five-minute quick write: “How does the shift to the Creature’s narration impact your reading of Frankenstein? Cite as least one passage as evidence!”
    • After students having finished writing, they will be encouraged to read their work aloud.
    • To facilitate a discussion, I will provide a sample excerpt (see attached slideshow).
  • The class will then continue the examination of Blade Runner.
    • Before the viewing, students will be led through a brief review, touching upon not only the plot thus far, but also the insights garnered during the previous class discussion regarding visual exposition and genre conventions.
    • During this lesson, the students will view chapters 9-16 of the DVD.
    • Students will be encouraged to review the materials from the previous day and take notes while viewing.
    • After completing the section of film assigned for the day, students will be given the Viewing Journal #2 handout.


  • Read chapters 18-21 in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!

[next up: lesson 7]

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