Lesson 7 – Notes & Quotes

Grade: 9-12 (Elective course)
Duration: 54 minutes
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will…

  • Reflect upon their note-taking strategies.
  • Analyze Blade Runner through the lens of media theory.
  • Continue to examine Blade Runner s a work of dystopian fiction.
  • Begin the process of self-directing their own learning by determining how they will approach the completion of Frankenstein.
  • Draw upon prior knowledge as a means of making informed hypotheses.
    • Guiding question: “Given what we know about the themes, archetypes, settings, and defining characteristics of dystopian fiction, how confident are we in speculating what will happen in Blade Runner‘s finale?”



  • Students will begin class by receiving the “Notes and Quotes” handout pertaining to Frankenstein.
    • Students will be informed that the expectation is that these “Notes and Quotes” will be completed and submitted by the beginning of the class for which Frankenstein is to be completed.
      • Students will submit their “Notes and Quotes” by posting to the Google Group set up for our class.
        • Student understanding of the expectations will be checked, thereby ensuring as much student success on this assignment as possible.
  • Student will then be given the opportunity (and encouraged) to share their thoughts about the Scott Bukatman excerpt presented (via “Viewing Journal #2”) at the end of the previous lesson.
  • The class will then continue the examination of Blade Runner.
    • During this lesson, the students will view chapters 17-23 of the DVD.
    • Students will be encouraged to review the materials from the previous days and take notes while viewing.
    • After completing the section of film assigned for the day, students will be given the Viewing Journal #3 handout.


  • Read chapters 22 & 23 in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!
  • Complete Notes and Quotes assignment!

[next up: lesson 8]

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